Everyone loves watching funny videos online, but sometimes the good ones are buried under hundreds of other mediocre ones. Here are three that you must watch if you haven’t already (or just watch again for fun).

HEART2HEART – “Facebook Official”

Sadly, this one isn’t a parody. It’s the first official music video from HEART2HEART, a boy band created by Lance Bass. Because Lance is involved, you’d think a better job would have been done, but you’ll just have to watch this one for yourself.

An SNL Digital Short: Extreme V-Necks

More and more men are starting to wear v-neck tees. While some think it’s attractive, others beg to differ. You be the judge.

Little Dog vs. Giant Dog

Who doesn’t love animals jumping around on each other? If you’re in need of some cheering up, then this one is for you.