Four years in college gives students the opportunity to live with a lot of different people. For many, it’s the first time they’re without their parents and sharing space with a stranger. Some have had siblings but have never had to worry about sharing a room, knowing how to pay rent, or keeping the living room clean for parents’ weekend.

These new experiences aren’t always great. Roommates are stuck cleaning up after each other, venting to their friends about who won’t take out the trash, and scheming to make sure Betty forgets to sign the lease for next year (because she seriously doesn’t understand the concept of “no hair in the drain”). So, to prepare you for what you may encounter in your junior year of college or when you move to a new city for your next job, we polled some recent college graduates to bring you some stories about the common traits of annoying roommates. Here they are:

The Bum

“I lived in the dorms my sophomore year, and my roommate didn’t do anything outside of classes except create a permanent dent in her bed where she sat and watched Law & Order all day. As the school year came to a close, I awoke one morning to her using my printer. Instead of apologizing, she scolded me for sleeping too much and that it wasn’t her fault that her printer didn’t work. Seriously? You did NOTHING all semester. I’m allowed to get some extra sleep during finals week. As it turns out, she’d been using my printer all the time while I was out of the room. No wonder I went through ink so fast…” – Chloe


The Forgetful One

“I was so excited to finally live off campus. I was living with two other guys in a house and together we had every gaming system you could imagine. One of my roommates, however, would always forget to lock the front door. My other roommate and I continually reminded him that because our bedrooms were on the second floor, someone could even come in our house while we were there and steal all of our electronics. One day, while my forgetful roommate was upstairs studying, I took his XBOX 360 and hid it under my bed. He freaked, and I ended up coming clean a couple of days later. It worked, though. He hasn’t forgotten to lock up since.” – Dave

The Screamer

“I had a roommate that liked to get around – she had guys over all of the time and wasn’t exactly quiet about it. The rest of us were annoyed but she didn’t care. It got to the point where she had male visitors leaving in the morning while our parents were visiting. Not only was it embarrassing, but my parents even threatened to stop helping me pay rent and utilities if guys were coming over and using things for free.” – Michelle




The Foodie

“One of my roommates loved to cook because he thought it would help him get girls. He’d been pretty successful on that front, but not without sacrificing the smell of our kitchen. He’d buy so much food that he forgot about most of it and it would either become moldy or just plain rotten. We started having to throw things aways by the bag – cheese, veggies, everything. He’d get super pissed that half of his food was gone when he came home from class, but it was just nasty.” – Danny



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