Not all celebrities sound like they’d make great companions. From bad-mouthing other celebs to firing their managers, some A-listers can be just plain mean. However, we found a few celebs that might actually be fun enough to be around that you’d want to shack up with them while you’re living the single life. Here are our top 3 picks for the most desirable celebrity roommates:

Andy Samberg

Living with Andy, you’d never be in a bad mood. With all of the writing he’s done with The Lonely Island and his ability to stay composed on Saturday Night Live, you’d be in a great place. And Andy can be super chill when he wants to be, so things wouldn’t get too crazy. Another great thing about living with Andy is that he’s 33 and single. He’s probably past the crazy 20-something party phase (though he still likes to have fun), so you wouldn’t have to worry about picking up hundreds of red plastic cups every Sunday morning. You’d be able to host classier get-togethers like wine parties and more formal gatherings, which is way more fun anyway.

Lindsay Lohan

OK, this may sound a bit odd, but living with Lindsay would be awesome. First of all, she doesn’t have that ankle bracelet on anymore, so she probably wouldn’t be home that often. When she is home just hanging out or throwing a party, she would definitely want you around, considering her friend count seems to be in the single digits these days. And ladies, living with Lindsay means that you’d also get invites to some swanky Hollywood parties and potentially meet your dream man.

The only con would be that you’d never be able to borrow any of her clothes. Never mind that her proportions are unreal; you’d never want to wear her stuff in public in fear she’d stolen it and you’d get caught. Of course, you’re just the innocent roommate that didn’t know any better. Being faced with the moral dilemma of either ratting out your high-status roommate to the cops or becoming her partner in crime, at least you’d known that you’d be able to take her in a fight.

Wilmer Valderrama

He may not be very well known, but guys, hear this one out. Wilmer’s one of those secretly awesome men hiding out in Hollywood. He’s not always putting himself out there, but when he does, it’s for something worthwhile (admit it: you still watch That 70’s Show reruns).

Wilmer likes to keep it classy. He hasn’t been involved in any crazy scandals, so you’d be respected for choosing him as a roommate. You’d still have the opportunity to attend some Hollywood shindigs, but they’d probably be more low key. And somehow, just like his character on That 70’s Show, Wilmer always has pretty ladies around, so guys, you definitely wouldn’t be lacking in that department either.