Last week, we told you which celebrities would be awesome to live with. This week, we’re going to switch it up and tell you which celebs would make awful roommates. They’re the ones who would attract the wrong kind of attention, not appreciate your presence, and definitely wouldn’t clean up after themselves.


If you’ve ever watched even five minutes of “Jersey Shore,” then you know exactly why Snooki would make an awful roommate. Snooki never cleans her space or common areas and everyone’s stuff just looks gross to the point that you probably wouldn’t want to touch it with a 10-foot pole.

Also, if you ever went out with her, then you’d have a really hard time keeping track of her. At only 4’9, she could disappear into a crowd in an instant. Her loud voice, however, may help you pinpoint her location. To sum it up, Snooki fails on all accounts, so unless you’re a sucker for mess and drama, Snooki would make an awful roommate.

Ashton Kutcher

Apparently Ashton is a single man again! Rumors of his infidelity have been filling tabloids, and just this week a moving truck was spotted outside of his home. So, if he really is moving out, then he may invest in a sweet bachelor pad, and you never know if he’ll be looking for a roommate.

But hold it right there: Would you really want to live with Ashton Kutcher? He has been accused of cheating on his wife on his anniversary, so who knows how out of hand things would get while he lives the single life. Also, according to Wikipedia, Ashton was kicked out of college for being too wild and crazy.Even for a guy, his popularity and reputation may be too much. He was the first Twitter user to reach one million followers and took advantage of it by publishing photos of Demi Moore bent over in a bikini without telling her. Because he did that, he’d probably have no shame in posting photos of or personal information about you.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda used to be the girl next door, but recent events make her seem like anything but. In 2010, Amanda announced her retirement from acting which she promptly retracted (yes, just a month later). There are some obvious attitude issues here. Amanda clearly just wanted to hear her fans tell her how awesome she was to not only get her back into the spotlight but to be able to charge more as well.

Being Amanda’s roommate would be a roller coaster ride. If she’s back and forth about big dilemmas like this, then the little things probably affect her too. Day-to-day tasks may be blown out of proportion and she may refuse to do certain chores because she thinks she’s too good for them…and you definitely don’t want to be taking out the trash every week. Seriously.You’d also want to take into consideration that all of the awards that she’s won are either Kid’s Choice Awards or Young Artist Awards. Her following is the 18 and under crowd, which would be quite annoying.

Which celebs would you avoid rooming with? Are there any that would irritate you to no end? Tell us on our Facebook page!