In October, we brought you a list of celebrities who would make awesome roommates, including Andy Samberg, Lindsay Lohan (yep, seriously), and Wilmer Valderrama. We also brought you a list of the worst (Snooki, Ashton Kutcher, and Amanda Bynes). Now, after some very thorough research, we’re bringing you three more celebs who would make fantastic roommates.

Elizabeth Olsen

Just because she’s related to Mary-Kate and Ashley doesn’t mean this girl is on the wrong path. This Olsen has made a name for herself through acting but without all of the craziness along with it that her sisters were involved with.

Elizabeth’s acting career has really just begun this year. She’s on her way up and in a positive place, which is why being her roommate would be great. She’s always very put together during public appearances and never too flashy. No one really saw her coming but she looks like she’s got a very bright future ahead of her.

Living with Elizabeth would mean you’ve got the hottest connections–not only through Elizabeth herself but through her sisters. If there’s anyone in the industry you want to meet, this family is the one that can make it happen. Also, ladies, you’d have a great closet to borrow from. Sporting clothes from MK & Ashley’s line “Elizabeth and James,” Elizabeth will always be able to lend you the outfit you need.

Benjamin McKenzie

Remember him? Barely, I’m sure. McKenzie starred in The O.C. and hasn’t done too many notable things since (unless you count that show SouthLAnd, but I’m not sure I know anyone that’s given it rave reviews). His success with The O.C. brought him to many “hottie” lists in a variety of magazines, but he’s now 33 and out of the spotlight, which is why he’d make for an excellent roommate for a guy or a girl.

McKenzie is very intelligent–he graduated from the University of Virginia in 2001.¬†Oh, and he dropped out of Snakes on a Plane for another film, so he’s a good decision maker too (or at least his managers are).

Overall, McKenzie is very much the guy next door who would make for a chill roommate. If you’re a guy, you’ll definitely have a friend in McKenzie, but he also seems like the kind of guy that would work with a female roommate. He’s laid back but has dealt with his fair share of publicity, so I’m sure he’s got it down to a science.

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is no mean girl–she’s actually perfect roommate material. She’s a wholesome girl, having modeled for companies like Limited Too, and now at 25 she has a steady career and isn’t too crazy. She’s never been in the tabloids for anything outrageous, unlike her Mean girls co-star Miss Lohan.

The main reason Seyfried would make a good roommate is her overall charm & appearance. Always well put-together, Seyfried is a great actress, without whom Mean Girls just wouldn’t have been the same. She’s split her time between movie and television roles, so she’s versatile and up for change. And with her style, your apartment design would be featured in magazines across the country, and who can say no to that?

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