An apartment can be a messy place. People are messy, food is messy, and life in general ends up messy sometimes. So when you need to keep things clean and want to make your apartment a happier place, investing in a few gadgets may be all you need.

Today, we’re be tweeting all day about cool roommate gadgets you can use all over your apartment (so be sure to follow us @rentshare!), but there are a few that are so awesome that we wanted to take the time to tell you a little bit more about them.

The Toilet Sound Blocker

We posted about this one on Facebook too because we thought it was so cool. This little guy fits on your keychain and plays a loud flushing noise for up to 25 seconds so no one else has to hear you take care of business. Leave it in your bathroom or keep with your keys so you can use it at work or school.

You can pick one up online today at the Japan Trend Shop. And hey, by using it you’ll be saving water because you won’t have to flush over and over to cover up your…er, “noises.” You may still know what your roommate is doing in there, but at least you don’t have to listen to it.

The Fridge Locker

We’ve all had food “go missing” from the fridge at one point or another, and it gets really annoying. No roommates or friends ever admit to taking your food, but you know someone had to do it! With the Fridge Locker, you can lock up your most precious food and beverages without having to purchase your own mini-fridge.

These are available at Fridge Locker’s official website where you can buy one and get another free – that’s twice as much food that your roommates will have to buy for themselves. Hopefully they’ll take the hint.

A Power Cord Box

Cords from gadgets get tangled easily, especially around TVs and stereos. With a box like this one available from Bluelounge, all of your cables are hidden and you’ve got more space to stay organized. These work well behind nightstands and couches where cords like to hang out and are forgotten about. Keeping the dust away from cables also means less cleaning for you and less confusion when you go set up that new DVD player

What other gadgets are necessary in your everyday life? Whether it makes living with roommates easier or is just handy in general, drop us a line on Facebook!