Applications like RentShare are great for dividing rent and expenses between roommates, especially when roommates don’t want things to be divided right down the middle. It’s a great way to keep roommates in check for their portion of the dues. However, how do you get to that point? There’s a lot to think about.

Being Fair

Let’s say one bedroom is twice the size of another in a two bedroom apartment. Should the person with the bigger room pay more? Maybe, but maybe not. If that’s your argument, that person could also pay a little bit more of all of the bills–it costs more to heat a bigger room, to light one, etc.

Also, consider compromising. One room is bigger, but the closet in the smaller room is bigger, so maybe that evens things out.

The Traveling Roommate

Many recent graduates work in consulting or other fields that have them traveling two or more weeks out of the month, which can lead to a conversation about how the utilities are paid. Here, you’ve got two options you can back up:

  1. Just divide it down the middle anyway. Your roommate is paying for space and everything that comes along with it, so this is one way to go.
  2. Be¬†meticulous¬†and divide accordingly. Let’s say there are two roommates. One is only home for two weeks out of the month, but the other is home for all four. The roommate home for less time could be responsible for a third of the bills, and the other for two thirds.

The Settlement

If you decide that your expenses aren’t going to be divided right down the middle, then it should be noted that whoever is paying more should not have more of a say in what happens in the apartment, unless that’s something agreed upon (which I would assume isn’t ideal). The whole “I pay more rent so you can’t have people over every weekend argument” is bound to happen when things like this aren’t covered, so make sure to hit every base.

In essence, keep everyone in mind! As long as everyone feels like they’re getting just a little bit more than everyone else, things will be just fine.

How do you divide expenses with your roommate(s)? Tell us below!