“S%it tons of bacon.”

That’s James Dickerson’s immediate response when we asked “what’s one thing you use RentShare to split cost between your roommates?”

“We’ve been in the middle of the Put Bacon On It Challenge on Leap, so we’ve all been eating a lot of bacon.”

Leap is the social challenge app that James and his two roommates, Ryan Tinker and Nick Cramer, just launched for the iPhone last month.

We love seeing how people are using RentShare to simplify their lives, and as co-founders and roommates, we thought it’d be interesting to find out how the guys behind Leap have been using RentShare.

RS:  So when does RentShare come in handy the most?

James: Running a start-up is crazy stressful. On top of that you put all the normal roommate tension; we’re running pretty close to meltdown all the time. So simple things like not worrying about getting paid back for the cable bill, or just having to deal with splitting a check, have been awesome.

RS:  So how do you handle splitting a check now?

James:  Whichever one of us happens to have some cash just says “No problem, I’ll get it and put it on RentShare.” Same thing with bills. Ryan pays the bills, adds it to RentShare, and we don’t think about it again.

RS: So, what’s the Put Bacon On It Challenge, how does it work with Leap?

James: Leap lets you make a challenge out of anything.  You simply set the terms of the challenge, like eat bacon everyday for a week, and then each player snaps a photo proving they completed the challenge for the day, earning them a point. Needless to say, we have a lot of photos of bacon.

RS: So who won?

James: I won the first time, but Ryan challenged me to a rematch, so we’ll have to see.

RS: How about a RentShare challenge?

James: Sure, but you have to make it yourself. Anyone can make a challenge on Leap, just get creative.

Check out Leap on the App Store, and help us create RentShare challenges! Share the most expenses on RentShare? First to pay rent this month? If you’ve got any ideas, send them our way!