Well it finally happened, Game of Thrones fever has struck the RentShare team hard, and like any great plague it has killed a lot of time and damaged productivity. Some of us have even passed into more advanced stages of the illness, insisting on reading the books as well! Below is the tragic byproduct of our uncontrollable Game of Thrones procrastinations –  the Game of New York Infographic and the Interactive NYC Game of Thrones Map.

INFOGRAPHIC: Game of Thrones Map NYC

Game of Thrones Map New York City Style

May this be a warning.

It’s not enough to just force your team to work late Sunday night so that they can’t see Game of Thrones air live.  (They’ll just watch it on their friend’s HBOgo account later in the week.) You have to outlaw all TV talk in the office and if possible, quarantine your team there for the duration of the season. Otherwise, this could happen to you…

Special thanks to friend and GOT guru: @ebyharveydanger