I have to admit that after living with 7 friends during my senior year of college, I was more than ready to find a place by myself after graduation. Excited about the big move to Cincinnati, I found a perfect one-bedroom apartment: newly remodeled, in a very desirable neighborhood, and a great size for the price.

I’ve been living in this apartment since the middle of April and I absolutely love it. However, as I reap the benefits of living on my own, I’ve come to realize that having a roommate really wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Splitting Everything

If I had a roommate (and signed up for RentShare, of course, to make living easier), I’d be paying half as much for my cable and electricity. I also wouldn’t have had to invest as much in furniture and all of the other little trinkets I didn’t realize I would need. (You have no idea how often I’ve used a whisk. Seriously.)

Automatic Friend

I guess I could have picked a better subhead than “Automatic Friend,” but it’s kind of true. Want someone to grab dinner with? To go out with? To help you find the perfect outfit for your next date? Or to sit and play video games with when you’ve had an off day? Well, you’ve got one. You and a roommate will always have that special bond–you secretly always know what’s going on in the other person’s life but you’re always there to help.

You’re the Host!

Of course, more friends will want to come visit you because you’re two for the price of one! This might mean you end up hosting get-togethers more (but hopefully not suffering from too many spills on the carpet). You’ll never have to leave!

In the end, there are benefits to both living situations. I can’t say, in the end, that I’d prefer one or the other, but if the right roommate came along, I’d definitely give that living situation a chance. You never know until you try!

– Catherine, RentShare Intern