Last Monday, the not-so-surprising announcement was made that Kim Kardashian had filed for divorce after 72 days hitched to Kris Humphries, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Of course, hubby Kris Humphries claimed he was blindsided.

As a result, one of the most popular trending topics on Twitter Monday was #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage. Many seized the opportunity to make fun of her more than ever before, naming the pause after Dora the Explorer asks you a question, Fall Out Boy song titles, and Kim’s wedding special on E! as things that lasted longer than her marriage.

There are also a lot of more relevant, roommate-related things that last longer than Kim’s marriage. Here are our top picks:

Your Roommate’s Shower

Somehow, every time you need to use the bathroom, your roommate has taken over with the world’s longest shower. It seems like half the day is over before you get the chance to go in there and it’s very frustrating because you only needed about 30 seconds to take care of business.

The Walk to Class in the Winter

Walking to classes in the cold & snow is awful. Somehow you walk faster to escape the cold but the walk seems much, much longer. This is when roommates with cars are great! See if you can hitch a ride at least once a week. Got an 8 a.m. class with a roommate who usually sleeps until 10 a.m.? Offer an incentive. It’s worth a try!


Hump day is a sign that the week is half over, but it can also be brutally long. Whether you’re still in school or in the working world, Wednesdays never end. The best cure? Browsing Thought Catalog or Time’s News Feed where interesting stories are constantly being posted.

The Time it Takes to Split and Pay Bills

We know this takes forever, and that’s what RentShare is for. Make splitting rent and other expenses easy without having to worry about reminding slacker roommates when their rent is due – we do it for you! Visit our site, Twitter feed, and Facebook fan page for more information.