Because accumulating credit card debt is a terrible idea and there are fees associated with using a credit card to pay rent, it is not a good option for many people. Although paying rent with a credit card is not for everyone, here are a few reasons that using a credit card to make rent payments might make sense for those of you who pay off their card each month:

1. Pay Later

Let’s face it: paychecks never arrive when we want them to. Whether we’re getting paid weekly and learning how to budget that money or getting paid monthly and having to hold out for funds, the arrival of paychecks never seems to correlate with rent payment due dates. Having your rent in full each month can be difficult. Using RentShare to pay your rent with a credit card you are able to delay payment for a month, which for many provides a reassuring buffer. Even putting simply part of the rent due on a credit card can help take the stress off of your bank account.

2. No Bounced Checks

Rent is typically the largest monthly expense for most of us. If your landlord is the type to hold on to your check for a while before depositing it, budgeting can become very tricky. A bounced check can mean a hassle for you, a hassle for your landlord, over-draft charges, bounced check charges, and late fees on your rent. When using RentShare to pay your rent with a credit card there is no check to bounce.

3.  Build Credit

Using a credit card for regular, predictable purchases is a great way to build your credit score. By actively using your card, never paying late fees, and paying down the card in full you can quickly demonstrate that you are a responsible credit card owner. To maintain your good credit rating do not use a credit card to pay your rent if you are unable to pay your card of in full. For more information on building good credit, visit

4.  Get Points

You can get a ton of credit card points by paying your rent online. However, if you are trying to calculate how many credit card points you could earn when you pay rent by credit card, be careful!  It is important that you take into account what you will be spending on fees (RentShare charges 2.8% and PayPal charges 3.5%). For many cards, this fee outweighs the potential rewards. But some cards dish out major rewards if you are putting a lot on your card each month, which means you could actually make money! To see which cards will make you money when you pay rent by credit card, follow these steps: (WARNING: this involves math!)

1st:  Use a credit card reward calculator to determine the reward value of different cards by entering in the amount you spend each month.

2nd: Plug the relevant values into this equation:       B – (12*A*.029) = C

A = How much you pay in rent each month
B = Reward Value (as determined by using a credit card reward calculator)
C=  The amount of money you will lose (after fees) when you pay rent by credit card


Is using a credit card to pay rent the reason you started using RentShare? Do you enjoy having the option? We aim to make your life easier. Hopefully, the option to use a credit card to pay your rent with RentShare makes things a little less stressful for you.