During my senior year of college, I lived with seven friends. Having eight in our house was great from a cost perspective – our TV and electricity cost next to nothing once split eight ways. However, having only lived on campus previously, we didn’t really know how to pay rent, and splitting those costs was a huge pain. A few of my roommates were living paycheck to paycheck, some had money saved up, and others called mom or dad and had money transferred at the drop of a hat. Because our lifestyles were so different, paying rent and covering other split expenses was not easy. The cable was in one person’s name, electricity in another, gas in another, and the actual rent was a completely different story. We would have loved to pay rent online, but that wasn’t an option.

[pullquote align=”right”]We couldn’t find a good way to share expenses. Complaints of unfair practices filled our hallways,[/pullquote]One of our roommates kept a spreadsheet of all costs to make sure everyone was paying their fare share and that all of the account holders were being reimbursed in a timely manner, but that didn’t always happen. Who would front the money? When would this person be reimbursed? Should interest be charged? We couldn’t find a good way to share expenses. Complaints of unfair practices filled our hallways,   but there was nothing we could do. We chose this living situation and had to work out our issues…not that that ever really happened. We couldn’t just pay our rent online because there was no RentShare.

It took a turn for the worse when our Black & White Party was upon us. We’d had the idea for months and we were so excited to show off our new house to our friends and neighbors. When it came time to plan the details, including a massive amount of food and drink, things got ugly. No one wanted to be the first to open their wallet – they didn’t want to spend the money if there was no way to guarantee that they would be paid back. The fun was sucked out of our house because we didn’t trust each other.

Then, in May, graduation came, and all of our problems were forgotten. We were all moving our separate ways. However, even though we had all of those great times, the back of my mind still houses the memories of screaming matches over how much the gas bill cost that January. Splitting rent sucks, but it would have sucked much less if RentShare existed at the time, and if I ever have even one roommate in the future, then I know I’ll be paying rent online with RentShare.

-Catherine, RentShare Intern