We’re all a little noisier than we’d like to be sometimes. A small get-together on a Tuesday evening can turn into a full-blown party just as easily as a Rock Band tournament can escalate into a building-wide competition. Sometimes it’s our roommates, other times it’s whoever lives in the unit upstairs.

Regardless of the parties involved, this can be an interesting conversation to have. Here are a few simple steps you can take to handle a noisy situation appropriately.

Go Straight to the Source

Plain and simple, the first thing to do is to go straight to the source whether it’s a roommate you’ve known for years or a neighbor you’ve never met. If it’s someone you haven’t talked to, a “Sorry to meet under these circumstances” wouldn’t hurt.

Make sure to mention what’s being interrupted; don’t just tell someone they’re too loud. Is it disrupting sleep? Study time? Is it preventing you from ever wanting to host a get-together because you’re embarrassed? Just say it. If that doesn’t work, read on…

Talk to Other Roommates

Find out if they are also annoyed by the noise. They most likely are as many apartment building walls are paper thin. Have another person mention to your roommate that the noise is excessive. Bring up a better time for your noisy roommate to practice the drums. Providing another option will at least let your roommate know that you don’t absolutely hate what they are doing and want to give them space to have their own hobbies.

If you’re dealing with a neighbor, head back with a roommate or another tenant in the building to confront the person. Another complaint may be just the trick this person needs. But there’s a chance that still won’t work…

Go to Management

It may seem like an easy way out, but sometimes you need to talk to property managers. A noisy tenant could mean other units in the building won’t rent easily or that the tenant is damaging parts of the unit physically. A manager will be glad you brought it to their attention and will have a bigger impact on the tenant’s action because the threat of eviction could be involved.

What have you done to solve noise problems? Sound off in the comments!